Parish Clergy

Born in Montreal, Canada, Rev. Fr. Stephen Ziton, Protopresbyter, grew up in the United States mostly in northeast Ohio. His wife Victoria still resides there and works at the United Way of Cleveland; they have two daughters, Maria and Anna.

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Akron University in Ohio, Fr. Stephen was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps. As such he has served with NATO forces, was stationed in Okinawa for a year, circumnavigated South America, and toured the west coast of Africa. Altogether he served for 10 years in 25 different countries.

After leaving active duty Fr. Stephen attended the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy in Columbus where he worked as an undercover agent for the state from 1986 through 1990. Additionally, he worked with outside agencies, which included BATF on domestic terrorism, USDA on food stamp fraud, and the FBI on a public corruption case. As a police officer assigned to work undercover, Fr. Stephen saw life at its immoral worst. “I saw the tragedy that occurs when one lives outside of Christ,” he said, who felt he could do more good for people as a priest than a police office. He was ordained as a priest in 1993, but continues to hold a commission as a deputy sheriff in Ohio. He looks forward to working with the Casper Police Department or other local agencies as a chaplain.

Fr. Stephen has been assigned to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Casper, Wyoming, and celebrated his first Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 1, 2010. He says he has fallen in love with both the parish and the city, and has been made to feel very welcome.

“We are very fortunate to have a priest with Fr. Stephen’s experience and knowledge assigned to Casper” says Robert Barnes, President of the Parish Council. Fr. Stephen is planning to initiate a number of programs for the parish, and has expressed the desire to become actively involved in the Casper community. The Parish Council of Holy Trinity is excited to have him as its parish priest, and looks forward to Fr. Stephen's leadership and guidance.